2018 Symposium panel with L to R facing: Miriam Al Jamil, Cassie Ulph, Lorna Clark, Gillian Skinner, Peter Sabor, Kate Chisholm and Celine Luppo McDaid

About Us - History & Officers


The Burney Society (UK), formed in 1994, is a friendly, non-profit-making literary society, dedicated to the study and celebration of the works of the Burney family, especially Frances Burney d’Arblay (1752-1840), her life, her contemporaries and her times.

We have approximately 80 members, some of whom have Burney family connections. Most members live in the UK, but membership is open to anyone interested in discovering more about the Burneys or getting involved in the society’s activities.

The Burney Society (UK) is closely allied with the North American branch of the Society and supports the work of the Burney Centre at McGill University, Montreal, where the Burney Journals are edited.


President: Professor Peter Sabor (McGill University, Montreal)

Chairperson: Miriam Al Jamil

Treasurer/Membership Secretary: Deborah Jones

Communications and Minutes Secretary: Trudie Messent

Committee members: Miriam Al Jamil, Sophie Coulombeau,  Deborah Jones, Trudie Messent, Francesca Saggini, Gillian Skinner & Cassie Ulph


Jean Bowden, Charles Burney & Kate Chisholm

Publications and Social media

The Burney Society UK Newsletter: Editors, Miriam Al Jamil & Trudie Messent

The Burney LetterEditor, Lorna Clark

The Burney Journal: Editor, Marilyn Francus

WordPress blogsite: Sophie Coulombeau & Trudie Messent

Burneysociety.uk website ongoing construction: Trudie Messent

Visit our Twitter site  https://twitter.com/burneysocietyuk?lang=en-gb

Facebook Group: The Burney Society (UK)  https://www.facebook.com/groups/474331835923929/



If you have a Burney-related query – or alternatively, if you have news of an event, conference or publication – please drop us a line at burneysocietyuk@gmail.com