Membership of The Burney Society (UK) is open to everyone who is interested in the life and writings of Frances Burney and/or her family. The annual subscription is £20 for individuals, £25 for couples living at the same address, £10 for students. We have recently introduced a £15 subscription rate for five years post graduation. 

Membership is renewable on 13 June each year, the anniversary of Frances Burney’s birthday. Membership fees paid from January 1st will be valid until 13 June the following year. 

Membership is payable by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal.

We would prefer if UK members pay by bank transfer or by cheque to save on the PayPal fees. 

PayPal is available primarily for International members. If you wish to use PayPal we would be grateful if you would opt to pay the PayPal fees. 

You can use PayPal by logging into your PayPal account, and making the recipient. Please note this is a Business account and the money from PayPal is regularly transferred into the Burney Society UK bank account. 

If you decide to join our society, you will receive the The Burney Society UK Newsletter, emailed to members seasonally. You will also receive two Burney Letters a year from the North American Burney Society and their peer reviewed annual publication The Burney Journal.

To join for a year, please download a copy of our membership form available via the link below and email it to

Please email you membership form to however you choose to pay. 

If you wish to pay for your membership by cheque please make your cheque payable to Burney Society UK and post to: Treasurer Burney Society UK, 5 Walcot Terrace, BATH, BA1 6AB. 

Membership Form 2023 – 2024f

Member's visit to The Regency House, Hove. Left of door is Society Chair Miriam Al Jamil & Right of door is Burney Society UK President , Peter Sabor. Photo: T Messent